Black brunch protesters stunned as angry diners fight back, push them out

Black brunch protesters who think making political points means disrupting Sunday afternoon meals are stunned at the reception they’re getting these days.

They’re getting either kicked out by diners and staff fed up with the disruptions — or ignored entirely.

That was in Minnesota, a generally liberal state but one known for good manners. And having good manners definitely doesn’t include bursting into restaurants and ruining a Sunday meal. The protesters were so stunned it’s laughable.  

The demonstrators couldn’t tweet or take pictures while committing a crime.  Is this country racist or what?

“I’ve been thru worse.” If only MLK had thought to write that from the Birmingham jail.

In Atlanta, meanwhile, pompous protesters proudly posted video of themselves disrupting diners. But beyond the self-congratulations, the videos pretty clearly show the diners — white and black — aren’t erupting into applause.

This guy got a response that’s worth remembering. All of this could end very badly at some point.

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