Surprise! Liberal discovers ‘taxpayer’ is a code word for ‘right wing!’

All kinds of words offend liberals, but this week one added a new word to her lexicon of forbidden locutions: “taxpayer.”

In an article published Thursday on the far left “New Republic,” writer Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig lamented the use of the word because it “seems to subtly promote the idea that a person’s share in our democratic governance should depend upon their contribution in taxes.”

Does she want us to start calling it “the T word?”

Bruenig nitpicked the use of the word in the 2016 House budget.

“Though addressing people as ‘taxpayers’ is common enough to appear politically neutral, it tends to carry more argumentative weight than it’s typically credited with,” she wrote. “The House budget is full of examples of seemingly straightforward deployments of the term which are, upon closer inspection, clearly furthering a particular ideology.”

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She added “If government should respond to the will of taxpayers because programs are incorrectly supposed to be financed on their dime, then those contributing larger shares would seem to be due greater consideration, like shareholders in a company.”

Yes, Elizabeth, the government should pay greater attention to those actually paying the bills because that is common sense (which, of course, is not common among liberals).

If you think Bruenig is insane you aren’t alone. The Twitterverse smashed her left-wing (non-taxpaying?) rhetoric, too.

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Carmine Sabia


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