Straight-talking Stephen A. Smith doubles down: Why it’s time for blacks to break free from the Dems

ESPN personality Stephen A Smith made waves last week when he said African-Americans should vote Republican for one election and he has now doubled down on it.

Appearing on CNN;s “Smerconish” Saturday Smith said he wants both parties to “flatter” the black community like they are doing with the Hispanic community on immigration.

“A vast majority of black Americans look at the Republican Party as the enemy. We look at the Democratic Party, even tacitly, as our support base and as a result we are very transparent in our support for them,” he said. “Because of it they have a license to take us for granted.”

The host said he was bothered by how Smith presented his case.

“I don’t think we want to be rewarding particular socioeconomic groups, ethnic groups, racial groups,” Smerconish said. “I like what’s in the country’s best interests not what’s in the best interest of African-Americans versus whites versus Hispanics.”

SEE – ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: Why EVERY black person in America should vote Republican for 1 election.

Smith agreed that the country’s issues should trump individual group’s interests but he said regardless of color he expects people to vote in what is in their own best interest.

Smith’s comments may be striking a chord with liberals, because they don’t want to lose the lock they have on the black vote.

Some in the Twitterverse agreed.

Naturally some disagreed and resorted to name calling.

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