Obama slammed for 2nd time by NCAA team he picked to lose; ‘Man, don’t even apologize’

Maybe he ought to stick to golf.

For the second time in a 48-hour time frame, President Obama got trolled by a team he selected to lose in his NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket, only this time he was on the receiving end of an adult-rated dig.

On Thursday, Georgia State coach Ron Hunter had a message for the president after his No. 14 ranked team beat No. 3 Baylor — the president selected Baylor.

“Hey Obama … I hope you make better decisions in that presidency than you did about Georgia State!” Hunter said while celebrating the upset win.

Hunter’s comment was captured in a Vine that went viral on social media.

Basketball coach has harsh message for prez after team
win: ‘Hey Obama, I hope you make better decisions . . .’

And two days later, following No.8 North Carolina State’s upset victory Saturday over No.1 Villanova, Obama was slammed again.

As the the N.C. State Wolfpack team celebrated their win, Anthony “Cat” Barber was captured on video as he fired a rhetorical “f-bomb” laced question at the president, who went with Villanova.

“[T]he f*** wrong with Barack Obama?”

*Caution: Strong Language

It’s not clear if the Kool-Aid drinkers got to him — we all know what happens to those who dare criticize Dear Leader — but Barber took to Twitter early Sunday to clarify his remark.

Not once, but twice!

More than likely the incident was just as the excited kid said, he got caught up in the moment:

Nevertheless, the tweets attracted plenty of comments, mostly in support of Barber and N.C.State’s terrific win. Here’s a sampling as seen on Twitter:

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