Judge Jeanine has one, scathing question for Obama about Israel and Iran; the answer could be deadly

Judge Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” Saturday night to lay down one question all Americans should be asking the Obama administration as the talks with Iran over the country’s nuclear weapons program continue and the United States looks like an increasingly undependable friend to Israel – its only real ally in the Middle East.

“Mr. President, whose side are you on anyway?”

After playing clips of President Obama’s fatuous speech about the talks opening a door to a new relationship between the United States and Iran — a country that has exported terrorism and painted America as “the Great Satan” for the past 35 years – Pirro summed up the feelings of a good part of the American people.

“I don’t want to have any experience with Iran as long as Ayatollah Khamenei is running the joint,” she said. “I’m not on a suicide mission.”

And neither is Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. And that, Pirro said, is really driving Obama’s foreign policy on Iran.

Salt in Obama’s wound: Guess who is planning
a March trip to visit Netanyahu?

“You just hate Bibi Netanyahu,” she said. “You hate that he won … Your petty jealousy of a leader who fights hard, who fight to the death for his people is jeopardizing a long-standing relationship between Israel and the United States.

“You would rather support a regime committed to the death and destruction of our one true ally in the Middle East.

“Mr. President, whose side are you on?”

It’s a question Americans should never have to ask about their president.

Unfortunately, it answers itself.


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