Ann Coulter: For Obama, Netanyahu and GOP are the real problem; ‘free unicorns for everyone!’

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter compared the rift between President Obama and the Israeli leader to yet another heavyweight political matchup during her appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“Obama is treating Netanyahu like he’s a Republican,” Coulter said. “This is also how Obama is dealing with the Senate.”

“It’s as if since Obama got elected, everything is just to see how much he can get away with,” she told co-host Tucker Carlson. “He’ll have his executive amnesty, that crazy idea about free community college which costs six dollars … mandatory voting. It’s going to be like free unicorns for everyone next.”

She said that meanwhile, the administration and congressional Democrats are obsessed with reaching a nuclear deal with Iran by the March 31 deadline, no matter what the cost to the security of Israel.

“The agreement is not the end in itself,” she asserted. “The end is for Iran not to build nukes. But Democrats can never see that, they have these huge joyous celebrations about a piece of paper.”

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7 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: For Obama, Netanyahu and GOP are the real problem; ‘free unicorns for everyone!’

  1. Chuck D says:

    Miss Coulter is an evil women. Netanyahu he flip flops. With his support lagging in the polls, Netanyahu vowed never to allow for the creation of a Palestinian state. Days after winning re-election, though, he walked back that statement.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      Not true.

    2. AFlaVet says:

      Ummmmmm….Kerry anyone…”I was for that deal before I was against it”? Clown.
      And clown…wherever you live…whatever state it is…..I hope it’s captured by ISIS.

  2. Doug says:

    Who’s Ann dating? Enquiring minds want to know.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      Have your wife to tell you in front of the kids.

  3. Rip Rogers says:

    Oshamus likes unicorns.

  4. Kat Saved says:

    Obama seems to be on course to completely destroy the Democrats as a viable US political party.

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