Lawmakers brutally kill 4th-graders’ bill right in front of them; why not crush them early?

A group of New Hampshire fourth-graders got a tough lesson in politics this week when they witnessed a bill they’d lobbied for go down in flames right before their eyes.

The Hampton Falls students submitted a proposal to make the Red Tail Hawk as the official New Hampshire State raptor. When it breezed right through committee and was scheduled for a floor vote, it looked to be a sure thing, according to NH-1.

So their teacher, James Cutting, scheduled a field trip to Concord on the day of the vote so they could all witness the bill become law.

After the students were seated in the gallery and warmly welcomed by the lawmakers, things began to fall apart for the youngsters.

Rep. Warren Groen, who is a pro-life Republican, compared the hawk to an abortionist and thought there may be a better use for it than a “state raptor.”

“It grasps them with its talons then uses its razor sharp beak to basically tear it apart limb by limb, and I guess the shame about making this a state bird is it would serve as a much better mascot for Planned Parenthood.”


Yet another lawmaker thought establishing a “state raptor” was a bit silly, and wondered where it would all end.

“Bottom line, if we keep bringing more of these bills, and bills, and bills forward that really, I think, we shouldn’t have in front of us, we’ll be picking a state hot dog next,” Rep. John Burt said.

The bill died on the House floor, 133-160, right in front it its young creators.

Politics can be tough.

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