Just stop! Gasps over Starbucks full page ‘Are You a Racist’ test in USA Today

Critics are beginning to think that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is taking absurdity to a whole new level with his ill-fated “Race Together” campaign.

Starbucks is not only encouraging baristas to engage customers about race relations, but the company has also distributed a test on racial views — so much for a relaxing cup of joe.

‘Only the coffee is black’: Shocking, ironic photo
of Starbucks’ 19 execs pushing racial chats

Titled “Your Race Relations Reality Check,” the test consists of ten fill-in-the-blank questions about race and was included on the back page of Friday’s USA Today newspaper.

Social media users had a different take on the questionnaire, calling it the “Are You a Racist” test, with one user offering the best advice yet: “Starbucks, just stop.” Here’s a sampling of the responses as seen on Twitter.

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Tom Tillison


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