First lady Michelle Obama wasn’t always a ‘lady’: Book reveals potty mouth problem

Michelle Obama had a cursing problem as a child.

The first lady, who once allegedly said All of this for a damned flag” to the president at a 9/11 ceremony, lost out on an award at summer camp when she was 10-years-old for excessive cursing.

Her biography, “Michelle Obama: A Life,” was previewed by People Magazine who reported the potty mouth story.

“I was going through my cursing stage,” she told her biographer Peter Slevin.

“I didn’t realize until my camp counselor at the end came up and said: ‘You know, you would have been best camper in your age group, but you curse so much,’” FLOTUS said. “And I thought I was being cool.”

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Losing out on the camp award wasn’t the only discipline she received as a child.

According to the book her paternal grandmother LaVaughn Robinson told a coworker the future first lady was “hardheaded” and “Needed a spanking from time to time.”

Her mother, Marian Robinson, said she reminded her of Sasha at age 7.

“She always had her own opinions about things and she didn’t hesitate to say so, because we allowed it,” Robinson said.

Some things never change.

Carmine Sabia


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