Shakur Foerster
Black students’ insane demands for ‘racially hostile campus’ include renaming building after cop killer

An all black student group at the University of California at Berkeley has demanded they rename a building for convicted cop killer and terrorist Assata Shakur. Shakur […]

Dos Equis parody hilariously mocks Hillary: ‘Stay Secretive, My Friends’

“She is the least transparent person in the world.” The RNC pointed out  Hillary Clinton’s shady side in a creative new parody video mimicking the Dos Equis […]

Man tears down neighbor’s Swastika display: ‘Time for Americans to not be complacent’

A California man spoke for many Americans Tuesday when he took the initiative and tore down a neighbor’s front yard Swastika display. “It’s time for us as […]

Basketball coach has harsh message for prez after team win: ‘Hey Obama, I hope you make better decisions . . .’

President Obama has always endeavored to be seen as a sports hipster and has not missed a year of filling out his own bracket for the NCAA […]

Federal workers ordered to test for ‘unconscious racial bias,’ explore own ‘white privilege’

It must have been a slow year for the U.S. Forest Service as one senior official required his employees to explore their hidden “racial bias” by taking […]

84-year-old sends violent thief running: He moved toward my wife, I was ‘ready to ventilate him’

An elderly Oklahoma man proved not to be the easy target a robber thought he was, even after having been punched in the face. – Tulsa, […]

Charlie Sheen rips Obama, calling him ‘Barry Satera Kenya’

Did schizophrenic-like actor Charlie Sheen join the tea party? (Not that the movement would want him.) Referring to President Obama as “Barry Satera Kenya,” Sheen ripped the […]

Janet Napolitano apologizes for hot mic comment; students not in forgiving mood

It looks like former Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano picked up a trait from her old boss, President Obama — making inappropriate comments on a […]

Bill Ayers
TSA clears felon, ‘notorious’ domestic terrorist for fast-pass screening program: ‘Was it Bill Ayers?’

A convicted felon and former member of a domestic terrorist group was approved by the TSA last year for its PreCheck trusted passenger program — airports’ version of […]

Krauthammer: If only Obama would be as warm to Israelis as he is to Iranians and their leaders

Charles Krauthammer blasted the Obama administration Thursday night for a “taking a swipe at Israel” in a video addressed to the Iranian people—a move he called “quite […]

Ann Coulter warns Israel will be toast: ALL ‘Barack Obamas’ for future presidents if GOP doesn’t stop illegals

Ann Coulter sees a big lesson for Republicans in Obama’s hostile behavior toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The conservative author and Fox News contributor was on fire during […]

Netanyahu schools petulant Obama on ‘The Kelly File’: Here’s the difference between you and me . . .

Benjamin Netanyahu offered an olive branch to President Obama, despite the White House’s claim that comments he made during his election campaign were divisive and anti-Arab. In an exclusive […]