Obamas may be connected to purchase of Magnum PI house in Hawaii; neighbors are abuzz

Its hard to argue that you feel the pain of poor people when buying a multi-million dollar mansion in Hawaii but that’s exactly what Obama might be doing.

KHON reported that the house used in the 80’s Television series “Magnum P.I.” was purchased in a transaction that involves one of Obama’s friends and major donor, Chicago lawyer Seth Madorsky.

The home was purchased by an LLC that was set up last month named Waimanalo Paradise whose contact person is listed as Madorsky, according to KHON.

Since the news leaked the neighborhood has been abuzz with excitement.

“People on the beach here think it’s Obama, and some people like me are thrilled at the prospect,” said neighbor Lee Siegel. “It’s wonderful. My dog there can’t wait to play with Bo.”

Yeah Lee, I doubt your dog cares.

“I think the people who are kind of negatively concerned are worried that security is going to somehow impede or interfere with their life here in Waimanalo. It’s going to put Waimanalo on the map, that’s for sure,” he added.

Sure it’s not like anyone ever heard of this home before or anything.

The Twitterverse was quick to respond with snark and mockery.

Carmine Sabia


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