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Man tears down neighbor’s Swastika display: ‘Time for Americans to not be complacent’

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A California man spoke for many Americans Tuesday when he took the initiative and tore down a neighbor’s front yard Swastika display.

“It’s time for us as Americans to not be so complacent,” Robert Dixon of Granite Bay told Sacramento KCRA News.

Dixon doesn’t mind that he was caught on cellphone video ripping apart the Swastikas.

“[It’s time] to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we’re not going to put up with it,’” he said.

“I’m not Jewish. I’m not military. I’m not student. But I’m an American and I love my country. And I respect the Jewish people and they are our allies and I just had to do it.”

display up mine
Photo source: KRCA News

The homeowner who displayed the hateful messages has been identified as Douglas Clark. He would not talk to reporters, but erected a sign that said, “Terrorism?” on this front door in response to the incident.

Photo source: KRCA News

It seems most people in Dixon’s community agree with him – or at least don’t mind that he ripped apart the offensive display. No one has filed a complaint and Dixon was never arrested, even though he said that he was prepared to be.

“I knew I was willing to deal with the consequences for my beliefs – and my belief was that needed to come down that day for the neighborhood,” Dixon said.

display on ground
Photo source: KRCA News

While neighbors told KCRA they were relieved to see the Swastikas go, the local Jewish community said they disapprove of Dixon’s actions.

“…Although they [Swastikas] are offensive, and the example of hate speech, it is protected under the First Amendment,” Ryan Pessah, of the Jewish Relations Council in Sacramento said.

“Those displays are hateful, but we wouldn’t want him to feel the way his speech makes us feel,” he said.

Dixon, doesn’t seem concerned about his anti-Semitic neighbor’s feelings whom he called a “coward” when confronted by him – and he doesn’t have regrets.

“I had to do it,” Dixon said.

“As an American, I just had to do it.”

Did Dixon have to do it? Do you think his actions were justified even though they were illegal? Weigh in below:

H/T: The Blaze


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