Fla. Gov. Rick Scott signs 5 bills into law

Rick Scott 2014 bill signing
Gov. Scott at 2014 bill signing. Photo credit: Sara Brockmann, Photographer

Florida’s 2015 Legislative Session is in full swing with legislators handing Gov. Rick Scott the following bills which he signed into law Thursday, according to a statement from his office.

HB 7035:  Moves the Florida Presidential Primary to the third Tuesday in March

SB 700:  Adopts the 2015 Florida Statutes and makes them law

SB 702:  Deletes and repeals provisions that have expired or become obsolete

SB 704:  This bill deletes sections that have been previously repealed from Florida Statutes

SB 706:  This bill deletes provisions that grant redundant or unused rulemaking authority in the Florida Statutes


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