Black students’ insane demands for ‘racially hostile campus’ include renaming building after cop killer

An all black student group at the University of California at Berkeley has demanded they rename a building for convicted cop killer and terrorist Assata Shakur.

Shakur was convicted in 1979 of killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster, but after 6 years in prison she escaped and fled to Cuba. She was added to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List in 2013.

Yet the Black Student Union at Berkeley referred to her as an “icon of resistance within oppressed communities (who) represents black resilience in the face of state-sanctioned violence,” and demanded the school rename Barrows Hall, named for former University of California president David Barrows, “Shakur Hall” Fox News reported.

“We want the renaming for someone, Assata Shakur, who we feel like represents us as black students,” Cori McGowens, a Black Student Union spokesman said. “Black students on campus have a feeling of isolation, marginalization. We’re at a crisis on campus.”

But that is just one of the insane demands of the malcontent group.

They’ve demanded $300,371 for two black staff member to recruit more black students, $113,932 to hire someone focused solely on retaining black students, a segregated meeting place for only black students, a “Get into Graduate School” mentoring program for black students, two black advisors to mentor black student athletes and two black psychologists who know the struggles of being on the “racially hostile campus,” according to Fox News.

“I came to Berkeley and I thought that it was a progressive liberal environment, but the N-word was written on the dorm wall and my white professors were openly using the N-word,” senior Blake Simons told the news agency. “So that’s part of my experience here is feeling marginalized.”

Yeah UC Berkley is not liberal enough, that’s the problem.

Chancellor Nick Dirks met with the group last week and offered an apology though he didn’t agree to any of the demands yet.

“Too many students have told us about being excluded from study groups, ignored during class discussions, verbally harassed at parties and social events, and feeling, in a general sense, vulnerable, isolated and invisible. This is something we deplore,” he said.

Interestingly black students have 33 organizations devoted to them on campus but that isn’t enough for some.

“We definitely need more resources for underrepresented minorities on campus,” student Amanda Burke said. ”I know personally people who suffer micro-aggressions on a daily basis at Cal and it’s something that’s kind of gone ignored by a lot of people.”


Yeah that seems like a good reason to rename a building for a cop killer.

Better idea. If you want to rename it do it for a hero. Werner Foerster Hall sounds good.

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