Basketball coach has harsh message for prez after team win: ‘Hey Obama, I hope you make better decisions . . .’

President Obama has always endeavored to be seen as a sports hipster and has not missed a year of filling out his own bracket for the NCAA Basketball Tournament since he became president in 2009.

But this year may be the first year he was called out by a team he dissed in his choices.

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter had a personal message for Obama on Thursday after his No. 14 ranked team beat No. 3 Baylor — the president selected Baylor.

“Hey Obama … I hope you make better decisions in that presidency than you did about Georgia State!” Hunter said while celebrating.

The coach’s trolling of the president quickly hit social media, as seen in this Vine:

As great as this is, the story gets much better.

Not only did his team pull off the upset win, but Hunter’s son hit a dramatic 3-point shot in the final seconds to secure the victory.

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And as dramatic as that moment was, it became even more appreciable when Hunter fell out of his seat while celebrating!

(The coach was using a rolling stool because he injured his Achilles tendon last week while celebrating making it to the NCAA tournament.)

The moment was a perfect punctuation to an inspiring story — unless you’re Obama — and can be seen in this Vine:

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