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Baby onesie pulled off shelves, company accused of fat shaming babies!

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A baby onesie was pulled off store shelves after complaints poured in that ridiculously accused the company of fat shaming babies.

The outfit that read “I Hate My Thighs,” came under fire after Ms. magazine editor Michele Kort called out Wry Baby for “projecting fat awareness on babies.”

“Even though it was said as a joke … it isn’t a joke, in terms of the reality of girls’ lives, and how they’re fat-shamed from a very young age,” Kort said.

Wry Baby issued a statement showing they were bewildered by the criticism.

“What we’re trying to do is make the entire parenting experience as fun as humanly possible,” the statement read. “We equate having kids with having a good time. Why shouldn’t it be?”

The Twitterverse weighed in on the nonsense controversy.

A classic case of feminism run amuck.

Carmine Sabia


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