Baby onesie pulled off shelves, company accused of fat shaming babies!

A baby onesie was pulled off store shelves after complaints poured in that ridiculously accused the company of fat shaming babies. The outfit that read “I Hate […]

‘Fox & Friends’ allows Geraldo to go off on Bibi; tweeters go off on ‘punk’ Geraldo

Outspoken liberal TV host Geraldo Rivera slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blaming him for damaging U.S. – Israeli relations. “If I were President Obama, I would […]

Michelle Obama mandates Feds weigh children in daycare!

Pretty soon FLOTUS will have Feds show up at our door with a measuring tape. Washington Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington has made it her beat to report on […]

Haitian activist
Video: Angry Haitians protest outside Hillary’s NY office over ‘billions stolen’ by Clinton Foundation

It’s a good thing Haiti isn’t a state, because former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won’t get an ounce of support from that country — nor will […]

‘Perhaps the greatest photo, ever?’ ‘Sex After Sixty’ during House debate

Constituents expect their representatives to be quick studies and certainly understand that this may entail reading while conducting the people’s business , but a state lawmaker really […]

Benghazi committee formally requests Clinton turn over server to neutral third party

The following information was released by the select committee on Benghazi along with a link to the letter Chairman Gowdy sent to Hillary Clinton’s attorney: Washington, DC– Select Committee […]

Obamas may be connected to purchase of Magnum PI house in Hawaii; neighbors are abuzz

Its hard to argue that you feel the pain of poor people when buying a multi-million dollar mansion in Hawaii but that’s exactly what Obama might be […]

Obama moves to release suspected bin Laden bodyguard ‘forever detainee’ from Gitmo

The Obama administration has moved one step closer to releasing the man once suspected of being Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard from Gitmo. After being captured in the […]

Anti-gun group sets up fake ‘gun store’ to trick customers – we discovered a twist

Anti-gun group, States United to Prevent Gun Violence, went to elaborate measures to try and frighten Americans from purchasing guns. A YouTube video posted by the group […]

Sweet little girl plays with tiny baby chick, until . . . GASP!

Oh no! This little angel seemed so sweet.

Photo of doctor who couldn’t save 19-year-old patient goes viral, capturing visceral pain

A picture showing the pain emergency room doctors face when they cannot save a patient has gone viral touching people deeply. The photo was posted to Reddit […]

Angry judge may slap sanctions on DOJ for lying about Obama’s executive amnesty

A federal judge denounced a Department of Justice lawyer as he suggested he’d been misled in previous court hearings related to President Obama’s executive actions that grants […]

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