Pro-Hillary ad that exploits little girls sparks social media backlash; ‘An embarrassment for the left’

Twisted new political ads in support of Hillary Clinton confirm that world truly is – upside down.

Luke Montgomery is the “brains” behind the political ads that were released Wednesday. He’s also the same opportunist who made a 2014 viral video of little girls dropping F-bomb’s.

This time, he exploited little girls to promote Hillary Clinton and urge people to sign a petition to support her if she decides to run for president.

If she runs? Right.

The little feminists in training run through the streets wearing patriotic colors and demonstrate for the camera the clear indoctrination and misinformation that’s been drilled into their heads.

It all adds up, as one Twitter user puts it, to “an embarrassment for the left” (if they were capable of it).

“Women are still paying less than men,” one exclaimed. “For the exact same work,” added another.

“In the USA, having a vajayjay shouldn’t mean less pay!” (That’s apparently baby talk for “vagina.”)

Hillary needs to run, “to beat back Republican attacks on reproductive rights,” the little girls said.

Unlike a lot of Democrat propaganda, this one’s easily debunked.

Here is an eye-opening chart for the children and their handlers when it comes to what Hillary paid women on her senate staff:

hillary chart

That’s quite a substantial difference! But, no one can blame the exploited girls in the video for their “political stance,” although some admit, it’s hard not to.

It should be an embarrassment, but unfortunately, the new ad campaign doesn’t end there.

In another video, the dress-wearing Slick Willy is seen gallivanting about town, in a humiliating attempt to muster enthusiasm for his wife.


Of course, the kids on the streets seem to love it. Others? Not so much.

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