Oops! Social Media users point out the biggest hypocrisy behind Obama’s ‘mandatory voting’ idea

Social media users are responding in force to President Obama’s latest idea for a new policy – a policy that would essentially force votes from an electorate that thinks so little of the Democratic process that they don’t bother to show up on their own.

His self-described, “potentially transformative” idea of imposing “mandatory voting” comes after a string of upsetting election losses for his party – which suffered from a combination of bad voter turnout and worse Obama policies.

Perhaps it was Tuesday’s win of Obama’s nemesis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that prompted him to speak his tyrannical desires when he addressed a Cleveland civic group Wednesday.

Whatever the trigger was, patriots on Twitter lost no time in calling out Obama’s stinging hypocrisy on mandatory voting.

First and foremost, can a president who calls voter ID laws racist really be supporting making voting mandatory? Wouldn’t that need ID?


Kind of “strange” how Obama’s great ideas all have to be implemented with force and executive fiat.

The hypocrisy. It burns!

Ain’t that the truth. Is it 2016 yet?

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