‘INEXCUSABLE’: Experts uncover 2 shocking ways Hillary’s private email threatened national security

The Hillary Clinton camp continues to dismiss the controversy over the former secretary of state using a private email address and a private server as much ado about nothing, even though there are legitimate concerns about potential risks to national security.

The Daily Caller reported Wednesday that an Internet security expert said employees at the company that provided spam-filtering services for Clinton’s email account had the ability to copy and forward her emails without Clinton being aware.

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And a Bloomberg View article published the same day said Clinton failed to take a basic precaution that left her account vulnerable to “spoofing” — a situation that allows hackers to send e-mails that appear to be from her email address.

This oversight put anyone who was in communication with Clinton through email at risk of being hacked.

The State Department acknowledged in November 2014 that hackers had breached its unclassified email system — CNN reported the intruders are suspected of being Russian hackers, likely working on behalf of the Russian government.

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While most of the national networks are already losing interest in the story, the latest developments did not go over well on social media.

Here is a sampling of the responses, including the Bloomberg View report, but they can be summed up in one word, “INEXCUSABLE”:

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