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Dumpster-fire selfie FAIL! A couple learns the hard way when NOT to stick around

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A viral video clip proves that the precision and expertise executed by local fire firefighters never ceases to amaze.

It all happened when a young couple in New Haven, Conn., decided to have some fun and record themselves in front of a dumpster fire.

The only problem for them was when the fire department arrived on the scene with their high-powered hoses, not only was the fire extinguished – so was the selfie.

“This is why you don’t stick around when things are on fire,” Tom Lavery wrote when he posted the video to YouTube Sunday.

No one is sure what the couple was thinking when they tried to take the picture of themselves. But everyone seems to be in agreement that it was a bad idea.

The couple is even being talked about on the radio? Good for them!

Or… maybe not…



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