‘Outnumbered’ hosts demolish Obama on ‘mandatory voting’; ‘if you’re not engaged enough to vote, please don’t’

President Obama ignited a firestorm of criticism – from both sides of the aisle – when he shopped around the idea of implementing a mandatory voting policy […]

Watch: Students shocked at their share of the national debt; ‘I’m not a taxpayer yet!’

College students, normally worried about little more than an upcoming test or whether they ordered enough beer for the next party, are shocked when confronted with the […]

Oops! Social Media users point out the biggest hypocrisy behind Obama’s ‘mandatory voting’ idea

Social media users are responding in force to President Obama’s latest idea for a new policy – a policy that would essentially force votes from an electorate […]

Rude awakening for Obama’s illegal ‘Dreamers’: Dragnet sweeps up 23 in ‘worst of the worst’ crackdown

Nearly two dozen illegal immigrants arrested in a recent nationwide sweep for dangerous criminal aliens had previously been approved to remain in the United States under President […]

Dumpster-fire selfie FAIL! A couple learns the hard way when NOT to stick around

A viral video clip proves that the precision and expertise executed by local fire firefighters never ceases to amaze. It all happened when a young couple in […]

‘One nation under Allah?’ School’s Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic infuriates small town

Students were offended and authorities are taking plenty of heat at a New York state high school after the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Arabic Wednesday […]

Hilarious media mashup: Barack Obama covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’

Some editing masterminds who call themselves “baracksdubs”managed to combine clips of the 44th president speaking with the lyrics of one of the country’s biggest stars. You probably […]

‘Guns welcome’: 2nd Amendment-supporting attorney pays bonuses to clerks who carry

An Iowa lawyer is giving his employees a monthly bonus if they simply acquire a concealed carry permit and actually use it. And he’s been doing it […]

Maj. Matthew L. Golsteyn
The good fight: Lawmaker on the warpath to restore Silver Star stripped from Green Beret hero

The civilian secretary of the Army stripped a Green Beret officer of the third-highest military decoration for valor awarded to soldiers, and U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter is determined to get it […]

Young Russian immigrant starts a one-woman crusade to WAKE UP America

A young immigrant whose family had lived a subjugated life under communism is taking action and urging fellow Americans to wake up. Rita Makrusina and her parents […]

‘INEXCUSABLE’: Experts uncover 2 shocking ways Hillary’s private email threatened national security

The Hillary Clinton camp continues to dismiss the controversy over the former secretary of state using a private email address and a private server as much ado […]

Obama plots Israel revenge: Diplomats say backstabbing Bibi at the UN is in the cards

Barack Obama, the least gracious and most vindictive president in memory, isn’t about to take Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election as Israeli prime minister Tuesday lying down. He will […]