‘You mad bro?’ Reaction to Netanyahu’s come-from-behind victory, Obama’s awkward fail

Much to the chagrin of President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory Wednesday after coming from behind in a tight Israeli election.

Netanyahu’s Likud party won more seats in the 120-seat Knesset — 29 — than any other party, and his key rival, Zionist Union’s Isaac Herzog, conceded, according to CNN.

Petulant Obama WH picks pettiest way possible to ‘congratulate Bibi’

“Against all odds, we achieved this huge victory,” Netanyahu said. “Now we should form a strong and stable government that will be able to take care of the security, safety and welfare of each and every citizen of Israel.”

The news was all the rage on Twitter on an otherwise slow news night, highlighted by possible reactions from Obama himself:

And there was an ample portion of sour grapes from Team Obama. Former senior adviser and campaign manager David Axelrod made the ill-fated decision to critique Bibi’s campaign tactics — the results were predictable:

Of course, after former actor and martial arts icon Chuck Norris stepped into the fray in support of Bibi, was there ever any doubt about the outcome? Simply put, Norris does not lose, and the Israeli prime minister was sure to show his appreciation.

Twitter users could not resist the opportunity to have a little fun with Netayahu’s win, and as is the norm on the social media site, the snark was off the chain:

Of all the jocularity, it would appear that Nation Review columnist Jim Geraghty had an edge on enjoying himself with a series of photos of Bibi, accompanied by razor sharp captions. Here are a few examples as seen on Twitter:

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