Fight video shows likely Ferguson shooter beat up by other protester – NOT cops

Video footage of demonstrators scuffling outside the Ferguson Police Department the night two officers were shot could hold a key to a case that’s already spurring charges of police brutality and a coerced confession.

And it virtually proves those charges are lies.

One video was part a package broadcast the morning of the March 12 shootings by Fox 2News in St. Louis. In it, a man who resembles accused gunman Jeffry Williams is shown on the losing end of a confrontation with a much larger demonstrator.

The second video, culled from YouTube by the news aggregation site, gives a much clearer view of the smaller man.

The improved view almost certainly matches the police mugshot of Williams taken after his arrest.


Jeffrey Williams

Williams’ attorney Jerryl T.  Christmas cited the marks on his face as part of his claims that his client was beaten by Ferguson police officers into confessing to the shootings after his arrest Sunday.

“He had bruising … you see the redness on the right side of his face,” attorney Jerryl T. Christmas told Yahoo News. “I don’t see how they are denying it, it’s right there on their own mug shot.”

Well, nobody’s denying Williams had injuries to his face. But how they got there is the question. And these videos – if that is Williams – pretty well answer it.

Also, if that is Williams in the video, he was telling the truth when he told police he’d been in a dispute earlier. If he was the gunman, it would also mean he might have been telling the truth when he said he didn’t intend to hit the wounded police officers. (His next attorney will probably be saying that.)

It would also make it increasingly difficult to believe the protesters’ denials that Williams was someone they didn’t know. As WeaselZippers pointed out, there were numerous witnesses to the fight, not least of them the guy who threw the punch.

Yet none have come forward. Either it’s not Williams in the video and they’re all telling the truth.

Or it is him — and they’re still getting their stories straight.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


6 thoughts on “Fight video shows likely Ferguson shooter beat up by other protester – NOT cops

  1. bacchys says:

    What is wrong with the witnesses getting their story straight?

  2. chuck says:

    key words resembles accused . do not leave it to the racist Ferguson Police Department

    1. Friend Of St. Frank says:

      Don’t you mean the ‘racist St. Louis police department’? He was not arrested by the Ferguson police nor is he being held by the Ferguson police-He shot members of the St. Louis Police, not Ferguson, was arrested by the St. Louis police and is being held in a St. Louis jail. Lord, your reading comprehension is quite atrocious if you can’t even get that right.

      1. chuck says:

        Whoever your are. You are really kind of dumb, stupid, closed minded, stereotypical, one-sided, brain washed, inept, person. .

        One St. Louis County officer and an officer from the Webster Groves Police Department were hit and injured. I conclude, the police in that region is out of control. Defend the indefensible if you want. However, I will continue to call out the hate, vile, racist, ugly, persecution, of color people. You are one those Christian conservative which equals racist in the of all that’s American
        . Stop hating

        1. Dmack1965 says:

          chuck, chuck, chuck, are you spouting you’re stupid liberal drivel again?
          You’ve already been told to go enjoy yourself on Raw Story where you have friends who will listen to your left leaning liberal point of view.
          Bizpac is where adults have adult conversations about adult issues.

  3. Phil Smith says:

    Get your story straight, man. You also might consider manning up to the fact that you shot a couple of human beings if you in fact did. Somebody did, and everybody is saying you did it.

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