Azealia Banks
Popular black rapper tells Playboy she hates ‘everything about this country,’ especially ‘fat, white Americans’

Rapper Azealia Banks, who generally uses controversy to sell her lackluster music, is at it again — this time disparaging America and “fat, white” people. “I hate […]

Church sign about government ‘legalizing sin’ has town in uproar

A sign on a local church about the legalization of “sin” is sparking controversy. The sign posted on Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church in Seminole, Okla., reads “Government […]

Media mystified by latest slaughter of 17 Western tourists; what Muslim terrorists?

At least 17 Western tourists were massacred in the capital of Tunisia on Wednesday, adding more innocent blood to the toll of terrorist murder in Muslim world […]

Michelle Obama’s mom says she was wary of ‘biracial’ Barack, but glad he wasn’t ‘completely white’

An interview Michelle Obama’s mother gave during the 2004 Chicago Senate has resurfaced thanks to a new book about the first lady, and it brings new attention […]

Fight video shows likely Ferguson shooter beat up by other protester – NOT cops

Video footage of demonstrators scuffling outside the Ferguson Police Department the night two officers were shot could hold a key to a case that’s already spurring charges […]

‘I’m actually black’: AWKWARD moment radio host is accused of being white, co-opting black culture

“CBS News Sunday Morning” contributor Nancy Giles found herself in an inept “open mouth, insert foot” moment on Tuesday when she accused hip hop deejay Jay Smooth […]

Dorm bulletin board attacking whites, Christians, and men is OK with liberals? ‘I would spit on it’

The resident assistant of a dormitory at Appalachian State University is drawing social media fire for bulletin board postings in a public hallway that attack students on […]

Petulant Obama WH picks pettiest way possible to ‘congratulate Bibi’

Not only did the petulant Obama administration not congratulate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his impressive come-from-behind win in Tuesday’s elections, they couldn’t even find it […]

‘A stupid country?’ US tech companies convince lawmakers to import more cheap foreigners, replacing American jobs

If it’s good for Google, is it good for America? Under pressure to bring more foreign technology workers into the country, Congress is weighing a bipartisan bill […]

NRA video: If you think Obama’s ammo ban is over, ‘I have a gun-free zone utopia I want to sell you’

Keep your powder dry. Likening the Obama administration to a father who decides not to abandon his children, or the scheming woman who frames her husband in […]

Creepy alert! EPA wants hotels to monitor how long guests take in shower, to modify their behavior

BY: Elizabeth Harrington The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower. The agency is spending $15,000 to create […]

Secret Service wants to build $8 million fake White House for training

Under fire for a number of recent incidents where intruders scaled the fence around the White House —  one man actually made it inside the executive mansion […]