Persistent reporter hounds Psaki on Clinton’s exit document – ‘How hard can it be?’

Someone finally asked the White House the obvious question on the long wait to find out if former secretary of state Hillary Clinton signed the “separation form” which would presumably reveal if she broke any laws by deleting her emails.

Associated Press reporter Mike Lee grilled White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki over the form’s whereabouts during a press briefing Monday.

The form must be signed by all State Department employees before they leave their post and states that the employee will hand over all work-related documents upon departure from their position.

Signing the form and not complying with it is a crime.

“I don’t have an update on this,” Psaki told Lee. “We’re still working on it.”

“The human resources department presumably has a file on every employee. It can’t be that difficult,” Lee fired back.

“I don’t think former secretaries are standard employees,” Psaki retorted.

“They might not be, but how hard can it be to find?” a frustrated Lee replied.

“I understand why you’re asking. We’re looking to get an answer. I don’t have an answer today,” Psaki said.

The contentious exchange lasted about a minute and a half but still no document was produced.

The form, officially known as the OF-109, is the same document that was used as the basis for the prosecution of former Gen. David Petraeus. The former CIA director pleaded guilty in early March to leaking classified information.

And that might explain why the White House is in no hurry to turn it over.

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Carmine Sabia


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