Pastor’s accusations about Ferguson cops shock even MSNBC: ‘I can’t let you say that’

Get out your tinfoil hat because prominent a Ferguson protest leader is claiming the police shooting that happened Thursday during protests was all a setup to jail a black man for shooting cops and to  get sympathy for law enforcement.

Bishop Derrick Robinson likely thought he was on friendly turf when he appeared on MSNBC’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall” to espouse his views about the arrest of 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams in the shooting.

He was wrong.

“I really believe he was set up,” he said. “And I really believe that.”

“Set up by who?” Hall asked.

“Police,” Robinson answered. “I think he was set up by, I would go as far to say, some of the police. The story just does not add up.”

A shocked Hall fired back at the clergyman.

“I can’t let you say that he was set up by police. What evidence or proof do you have of that, because right now, as I understand it, he has confessed?” she said. “So what is the setup, sir?”

But Robinson wasn’t done with his conspiracy theory.

“I think he was not only, he was beaten, when he was brutally beaten when he was arrested, and I think he was coerced to, without, he was not even given the opportunity to see counsel, before even, the police, they beat him to confessing,” Robinson claimed.

“We have no proof of these allegations and you have provided me with no proof of this,” Hall shot back.

His allegations are all the more strange since earlier in the interview he said of Williams “he showed a lot of remorse, he was very sorry and apologetic.” and “he wished he had had not done it.”

And when Hall asked Robinson if Williams was targeting police, Robinson said, “I know he wasn’t targeting the protesters.”

Get your story straight, sir.


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Carmine Sabia


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