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Megyn Kelly, Judge Nap team up to take down Hillary: She either stole or committed perjury — which is it?

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and legal analyst Andrew Napolitano hammered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email controversy from three directions Monday and with only two real conclusions possible:

Either Clinton stole government documents when she left office, or she committed perjury.

At issue was an exit statement Clinton was supposed to have signed when she left office, certifying she had turned over all government documents

Given that Clinton has admitted all of the email correspondence from her time in the secretary’s office was kept on her private server, she clearly didn’t do that.

“If Mrs. Clinton did not sign that document, then she stole government property,” Napolitano said. “If she did sign that document, she committed perjury.”

Clinton’s explanation for using a private email account and server is also falling apart after her longtime attack dog James Carville told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that she likely kept the emails on a private server to hide them from congressional Republicans.

That means “she was trying to frustrate Congress’ lawful authority,” Napolitano said.

The two also challenged Clinton’s changing explanation for how she decided which emails to keep from her four years as American’s top diplomat. First it was a mass delete. Now, Clinton claims her staff read of more than 30,000 emails before deleting them.

“That’s not possible,” Napolitano said. “But even if it were, it’s for the government to read, not for her own agents and lawyers.”

Three arguments, two possible conclusions: Either Clinton stole government documents, or she committed perjury.

Enjoy the coronation, Democrats.


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