White students kicked out of anti-racism meeting — for being white!

Two students were kicked out of a Toronto university meeting to discuss racism because they’re too white, the college newspaper reported.

coloredonly0316newerJournalism students Trevor Hewitt and Julia Knope were insufficiently “racialized” to be allowed to attend the Racialized Students’ Collective at Ryerson University, according to the student paper The Ryersonian.

Hewitt and Knope told organizers they were attending the event to cover it for the newspaper but were dismissed on the grounds they had never been victimized by racism.

“It felt really bad… kind of embarrassing,” Knope said, according to The Ryersonian. “If their goal in these meetings was to end racialization then it needs to be something everybody is involved in. If some people are causing the problems, they need to know. Grouping yourself off… is not going to accomplish anything.

“It seemed really ironic to me that the meeting was about racialization and they were prohibiting certain people from entering,” she said.


In a telephone interview, Racialized Students’ Coordinator Vajdaan Tanveer told the newspaper it was true that the two journalism students had been barred from the meeting because they lacked melanin.

It was for the comfort of the darker-colored, Tanveer said.

“We don’t want (racialized) students to feel intimidated, that they can’t speak their mind because they are afraid of being judged or something they say might be used against them,” he said, according to The Ryersonian.

Well, here’s a start.

Sane people just might hold it against you if you have a meeting to fight racism and start off by kicking out people because of their race.

Mr. Tanveer’s talents are being wasted in Toronto.

There are plenty of American universities where he’d feel right at home.

H/T: Daily Caller

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