Two police officers shot in LA – another manhunt for cop-haters comes to a close

Los Angeles police have taken three people into custody – but made no actual arrests – in connection with a shooting that left two officers wounded in a high-crime part of the city.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the shooting occurred about 5:45 local time at 65th Street and Broadway, when two plainclothes detectives driving an unmarked were lightly wounded in a street encounter.

The officers returned fire, causing pedestrians to scatter, but there were no other injuries reported.

The Times reported no details about those detained, but noted that the investigation is continuing.

Investigators were initially treating the shooting as a planned attack, but it wasn’t clear Monday whether the gunmen knew the victims were cops, a police spokesman said.

“Now whether they were targeted as officers, that’ll be determined,” the spokesman said. “When you’re a gangster and you’re on the corner and you’re illegally selling narcotics and a car drives up and two people get out – that’s going to cause some problems.”

Still word of the shooting, coming so soon after two police officers were wounded in Ferguson, Mo., drew national attention to what would normally be a fairly routine incident between police officers and criminals — noteworthy to the local press maybe, but not on the radar for the rest of us.

Which says more about the job cops do than anything else.

Do you get shot at at work?


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