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Politicians’ puppet love: Publication promises to ask ‘the toughest questions,’ then came THIS!

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When Vox.com published a “puppet comfort level” for well-known political figures, Twitter ignited, asking the question “are they serious?”

It’s true. Vox, whose tagline is “explaining the news,” published 921 words last Thursday about “which politician looks the most comfortable with puppets?”

And then tweeted proudly about it.

After being criticized by Politico for asking “Nerf ball” questions of President Obama last month, Vox has slid further into self-parody.

Vox’s claim to ask “the toughest questions” may be in doubt.

For the pre-school set, at least the article had lots of cute pictures, such as Elmo and Michelle Obama (who was given a “puppet comfort level” of 6.5 out of 10).


Perhaps a real parody site, like The Onion, slipped into Vox’s office and planted the piece?

Twitchy concludes that it wasn’t The Onion: they attribute the article’s inspiration to none other than Buzzfeed.

Steve Berman


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