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Media figures make Ferguson cop shooter out to be VICTIM; claim he was beaten by cops

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It didn’t take long for some critics to try to change the story of admitted Ferguson cop shooter Jeffrey Williams from criminal to victim.

Several media personalities and prominent Ferguson activists are already claiming Williams was roughed up by police and trying to downplay his involvement in the protests that have gripped the city since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in August.

Among the most vocal was Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post, who has taken to Twitter to voice his concerns.

“Asked 4 protest regulars if they’ve ever seen/met Jeffrey Williams. Their text responses: ‘No’ ‘Hell no’ ‘Nope. No’ ‘Never,’” he wrote Sunday, the day Williams was arrested. “That’s not to say he’s never protested in Ferguson – literally hundreds maybe thousands have – but safe to say he’s not a regular.”

That’s a strange conclusion to draw after only speaking to four people out of, what he admits are, thousands of protesters.

USA Today’s Yamiche Alcindor, the Los Angeles Times’ Matt Pearce and others joined Lowery in pushing the narrative.

But they weren’t done with changing the story.

Lowery returned to Twitter later Sunday night to report that Bishop Derrick Robinson of Kingdom of Destiny Fellowship now claimed Williams was roughed up by police after he surrendered.

“According to Robinson, Williams was beaten by police last night, and his chest and body covered in bruises that the minister says he saw,” Lowery wrote, before adding, “Per Robinson, Williams claims he was robbed and ‘shot in the air’ at robber. Regrets that shots hit police officers.”

Its hard to believe someone could “shoot in the air” and hit two police officers.

Its even harder to believe it when you look at the violent, cop-hating posts on Robinson’s own Facebook page.

What does seem probable from the tweets since this “news” was reported is that it is likely to be enough to give the protesters yet another reason to stay out there protesting.

That sounds like a good, fake narrative to run with.

Fortunately some people easily saw past the spin.

Carmine Sabia


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