Ferguson protesters destroy US flag: ‘Burning my flag should result in NO MORE WELFARE’

Apparently upset that someone had actually been arrested for shooting two police officers in the street, a demonstrator outside the Ferguson Police Department on Sunday ripped an American flag in two, while others stomped on Old Glory in the street.

Just another day of “peaceful protests,” American-style.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that all this started with a young cop shooting an even younger thug during a confrontation on a small-town street on a hot August afternoon.

It’s hard to remember that not only did a grand jury not indict the officer, but a federal investigation just primed to pin the blame on him also came up empty. In other words, the shooting was justified, but the protests continue.

One thing that’s not hard to tell is that a whole lot of the country is sick of it — including one social media user who declared abusing the flag should mean “NO MORE WELFARE.” 

Well put.

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