Cop dad furious over daughter’s Black History school event – an ANTI-COP, ‘Hands up’ program

A police officer whose daughter performed in a Black History Month event was furious when it turned political.

Orange County, Va., schools held a Black History Month event Thursday, featuring students from schools across the district.  The event was titled “Black Lives Matter,” and one police officer was shocked as his wife, 8-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old son attended what he called “a protest based off of anti-police sentiment.”


In a letter published on the “Police Officers” Facebook page, the unidentified officer wrote, “We are upset about this for many reasons. We were excited to allow our daughter to participate in a Black History event. But why were we not told our daughter would be participating in a political event.”

The entire event was rife with anti-police references, such as the student ushers T-shirts emblazoned with “I can’t breathe,” referring to Eric Garner’s last words as he was arrested for illegally selling cigarettes in New York City.

The program included presentations such as:

“Voices: The Exhausting Task of Being Black in America”
“Don’t Shoot”
“Not an Elegy for Mike Brown”
“I Can’t Breathe”
“Does my Black Life Matter”
“They Don’t Really Care About Us”

The officer told The Blaze he spoke with Lightfoot Elementary School principal Jewel Williams, who referred him to Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Tanner.  Neither the principal nor the superintendent had immediately responded to requests for comments,  The Blaze reported Sunday.

The officer’s Facebook letter quotes some of the presentation.

“I’m from Ferguson, Missouri…. I was told to put my hands up. I did, and I was shot 7 times. My name is Michael Brown.”

“I was sitting on the couch and the police came in my house and shot me in the head. I was seven years old.”

” I was falsely harassed for selling cigarettes and I was put into a choke hold that eventually lead to my death. I can’t breathe. My name is Eric Garner.”

Watch video of the event captured by the officer’s wife here.

The officer sums up his outrage, writing:

“I work very hard to serve my community. I don’t make a lot of money and I don’t ask for recognition for doing my job. But to hear my baby girl ask us why do cops shoot good people? Are they bad cops? Does that make you (me) bad?? It was heart breaking and infuriating all at the same time.”

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