Chilling new photos of ISIS wiping out every Christian trace from Iraq; smashing sacred crosses and relics

The Islamic State released deplorable images Monday showing the terrorist marauders defacing and destroying Christian symbols in Iraq.

The photos, found on the Internet and republished by the Middle East Media Research Institute, depict the ISIS militants in the former Assyrian Christian community of Nineveh replacing crosses on top of churches with the black ISIS flag, destroying gravestones and demolishing statues and other art work in places of worship.


“They don’t care what it’s called; they are just following their ideology and that means getting rid of churches and minorities,” said Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute. “It is the Islamic State, and there’s no room for anyone else.


“This has been going on for some time, a systematic campaign to rid the region” of all traces of Christianity,” he said.


The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Irina Bokova, spoke Friday of the Islamic State’s destruction of sites rich in cultural and historic significance.

“We cannot remain silent,” Bokova said. “The deliberate destruction of cultural heritage constitutes a war crime. I call on all political and religious leaders in the region to stand up and remind everyone that there is absolutely no political or religious justification for the destruction of humanity’s cultural heritage.”



Carmine Sabia


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