BAM! Sheriff David Clarke calls out Holder over ‘damn punk’ arrested in cop shootings

Sheriff David Clarke’s frustration was boiling over.

After the arrest of the alleged gunman in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Mo., the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis., and one of the most outspoken law enforcement officers in the country called out Attorney General Eric Holder once again for his open sympathies toward the “peaceful protesters” who’ve put the Missouri town through hell since August.

Holder is the country’s top law enforcement officer, so his apparently race-based hostility toward police officers and the criminal justice system is infuriating law enforcement professionals like Clarke.

And because Clarke is black, the antipathy of the liberal establishment toward the legal system as a whole is doubly infuriating.

With the arrest Sunday of 20-year-old Jeffrey Wiliiams, a black man who authorities said was an active participant in the anti-cop protest that preceded the shootings early Thursday morning, Clarke’s anger was clear.

Fortunately, Clarke had plenty of company in the social media world, who responded with a combination of support and sarcasm.

Clarke’s willingness to speak out on the issues of race and crime — and his unforgiving hostility to the black/liberal establishment that deliberately conflates the two — has made him a national figure in the Obama Era.

Calling out Eric Holder yet again shows why.

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