Where is Vladimir Putin? Russian dictator’s disappeared — and rumors fly!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public for 10 days and the rumors about his demise are beginning to reach a fever pitch.

The tongues really started wagging after an event Putin was scheduled to attend on Wednesday was canceled, and another event he was anticipated to be at went off Thursday without his presence, The Independent reported.


As for the rumors, they run from the sublime to the ridiculous — some suggest he had cosmetic surgery, or suffered a stroke; others say he died; the best of the rumors say he is with a secret lover who’s giving birth to their child. Putin divorced his wife in 2014.

Among the rumors put forth, and repeated in the New York Times, is that he was the victim of “a palace coup” and is imprisoned within the Kremlin. While just as far-fetched as the others, stranger things have happened.

“I am planning to appeal to people who have money to organize a competition for the best journalistic hoax,” Putin press spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Forbes Russia.

A member of the press even turned to the White House for a possible tip on where Putin might be, to no avail.

“I have enough trouble keeping track of the whereabouts of one world leader,” spokesman Eric Schultz said without missing a beat. “I would refer you to the Russians for questions on theirs. I’m sure they’ll be very responsive.”

As you can only imagine, social media is having a field day speculating on what calamity might have befallen the Russian leader.

Here is a sampling as seen on Twitter:

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