Watch: Delta Airlines bag handlers pay tribute to a fallen soldier — and his faithful canine companion

A coffin draped in an American flag is always a sobering sight in time of war.

But when it’s accompanied by a smaller coffin, the remains of a service animal who went to war with his master, it’s also a time to reflect on unfailing loyalty — to comrades and to country.

In this video, originally taken in 2013, Delta Airlines honors the return of a fallen American soldier at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport with a ceremony performed by Delta staff and American servicemen, welcoming their comrade home.

Delta has performed ceremonies for the returning fallen who pass through Hartsfield-Jackson since 2005, according to the Daily Mail.

The remains returned in this video were those of a soldier and his bomb-sniffing dog, who were killed by an improvised explosive device, the Daily Mail reported.

Delta baggage handler and veteran Thomas Schenk started the tradition.

“For nearly a decade, I’ve stood alongside a dedicated group of Delta Air Lines volunteers rain or shine to pay respects to our nation’s fallen heroes as they transit through the world’s busiest airport,” he told the Daily Mail.

“As a member of the Delta Honor Guard, we take great pride in the humbling task of making sure the remains of these military fallen are well cared for as they make their way home.”

And in this case, all of the military fallen include their faithful canine companions,


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