He said what? Deluded Kerry compares himself to Churchill AND Lincoln; scorn follows

Secretary of State John Kerry compared himself to Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and other great historical luminaries for having the courage and tenacity to tackle the most heinous enemy plaguing mankind — climate change.

“My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for certain what the outcome would be,” Kerry said in an address to the Atlantic Council on Thursday.

“Lincoln took risks, Gandhi took risks, Churchill took risks, Dr. King took risks, Mandela took risks, but that doesn’t mean that every risk-taker is a role model.”

Calling climate change “one of the biggest threats facing our planet today,” Kerry said it must be addressed head on, just like terrorism, extremism and nuclear proliferation.

“Gambling with the future of Earth itself when we know full well what the outcome would be is beyond reckless. It is just plain immoral,” he said. “And it is a risk that no one should take. We need to face reality. There is no planet B.”

The tweeps on Twitter had fun with the remarks.

But one Twitter user made a few other comparisons that weren’t so flattering to Kerry:

Here’s his full address, via the State Department. He begins his blowhard self-comparisons at about 36 minutes, 20 seconds into the speech.

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