Fox panel schools Juan Williams over Hillary’s emails; ‘Juan, you are in a different reality’

Fox News contributor Juan Williams once again got his butt handed to him when he tried to convince a “Fox News Sunday” panel that while the press is running former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the wringer, it gave the Bush administration a total pass.

Does he live in a parallel universe, maybe?

The subject being discussed was the same as on all the Sunday morning talk shows: Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account to conduct official business.

“You see these Republicans, ‘Oh yeah! Emails, emails, emails!’” Williams said. But, he argued, “When [former G.W. Bush adviser] Karl [Rove] was in trouble back in ’07, no press coverage, just about zero press coverage!”

Rove, who was criticized back then for using his own private email, was seated next to Williams on the panel and was shown grinning in disbelief on a split-screen. Fox News host Chris Wallace also couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“So you’re saying basically that the press was protecting George W. Bush?” Wallace asked.

All four panelists had something to say, but Rove voice could be heard above the crosstalk.

“Juan, you are in a different reality,” he said to Williams. “I wish I was there with you.”

He later reminded Williams of the difference in administration roles.

“She was the secretary of state,” Rove explained. “I was a White House aide.”

After more differences between the Rove versus Clinton emails were pointed out by Wallace, Rove and Weekly Standard senior writer Stephen Hayes, Williams was left looking like a deer in the headlights.


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