Crazy biker speeding away from cops takes mall shoppers by storm

Why spend money to watch an action movie when you can just watch police chases like this one? Watching a man drive through a busy shopping area […]

Watch: Delta Airlines bag handlers pay tribute to a fallen soldier — and his faithful canine companion

A coffin draped in an American flag is always a sobering sight in time of war. But when it’s accompanied by a smaller coffin, the remains of […]

Nothing gets by when Purin the Beagle guards the goal

Purin is much than your average Beagle. She has goalie skills that makes you wonder if she was trained by Tim Howard. She has some serious […]

Ferguson arrest throws social media into an uproar: ‘Incoming baby pictures of Jeffrey Williams’

There was no shortage of opinions in the aftermath of the arrest of Ferguson cop-shooting suspect Jeffrey Williams Sunday. Many expressed happiness with the arrest and some […]

Built for speed: Dachsund does hockey in the northern snow

On a snowy winter day, there’s nothing better to do than play ice hockey with the pets. It sure beats boring old “fetch.” Watching this cuddly video […]

Listen close: This 7-week-old baby just might have said ‘hello’

Wow, most babies don’t speak until they’re at least 10 months old. This little toddler should be in the Guinness Bo of world records. Is it really […]

Accused Ferguson gunman’s Facebook page boasts of drug use, hints at violence, hating cops

This is the new face of “hands up, don’t shoot.” The man accused of firing the shots that gravely wounded two police officers guarding a protest in […]

Sen. Tom Cotton tells CBS: Iran needed to hear that U.S. won’t back down

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, who wrote the open letterto Iran that wassigned by 46 fellow Republican senators, appeared Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” to explain their […]

Protester charged with shooting 2 officers in Ferguson claims he wasn’t attacking police

The man in custody on charges of shooting two St. Louis County police officers early Thursday morning was an active participant in an anti-cop protest early in […]

Arrest announced in shooting of 2 police officers in Ferguson

St. Louis County police have made an arrest in connection with the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Mo. Details of the arrest were being made […]

Fox panel schools Juan Williams over Hillary’s emails; ‘Juan, you are in a different reality’

Fox News contributor Juan Williams once again got his butt handed to him when he tried to convince a “Fox News Sunday” panel that while the press […]

This is what appeasement looks like: Michelle Obama celebrates Iranian holiday

The Obama administration is showing who its friends are, celebrating the Persian new year of Nowruz. The holiday, typically celebrated by Iran, became a White House priority […]