Ann Coulter: Obama, Holder have turned Ferguson ‘into another 9/11’

Conservativefirebrand Ann Coulter accusedPresident Obama and Attorney General Eric Holderof putting black teenMichael Brown’sshooting death by a white police officeron par with the worst terrorist attackon U.S. […]

Video: Kanye West claims Obama lied about him on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

Rapper Kanye West accused President Obama of lying to the American people when he appeared Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”. No one on the right is surprised […]

‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd hijacks a Chicago commuter train for this . . .

The Black Lives Matter crowd sure knows how to get people on their side. Famous for hijacking white people’s brunches they have now turned their attention to […]

Clinton revolving door at State Dept. prompts Megyn Kelly to ‘follow the money’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly wants to know whether Hillary Clinton’s staff raised foreign money for the Clinton Foundation, using her personal e server, while she was […]

CIA Chief warns that Islamic State is ‘a phenomenon that has snowballed’

CIA Director John Brennan warned Friday that Islamic Statehas “snowballed”beyond Syria and “romanticized”itsnarrative throughthe Internet, contradictingObama administration officials’claims that they’re making headway against the terror group. “ISIL […]

Dinesh D’Souza reveals ‘wily agitators’ behind Ferguson lawlessness; time to name names!

Conservative author and filmmakerDinesh D’Souza quoted Abraham Lincoln in a video posted Friday, accusingPresident Obamaand Attorney General Eric Holder’sJustice Departmentof being “wily agitators” in Ferguson. “What […]

Prelude to next Hillary scandal? Judge orders State Dept to release Clinton passenger manifests

In what may be a glimpse of troubles ahead for Hillary Clinton, a federal judge on Friday ordered the State Department to release the passenger manifests […]

New Christian-only brigade of 600 soldiers prepared to eradicate ISIS

A new, Christian-only brigade of the Iraqi military was given one mission after completing its training this week — eradicate the country’s Islamic State presence. Instead of […]

ENOUGH! Tell the president, first lady to STOP cheapening the highest office with this garbage!

Is anyone else beyond disgusted with the undignified, immature and self-indulgent appearances of our U.S. president and our first lady on entertainment shows? How utterly disrespectful to […]

Defiant Ferguson mayor won’t resign; says DOJ officials not like rabid Eric Holder

Embattled Ferguson, Mo., MayorJames Knowles slammed Attorney General Eric Holderon Friday, saying he wasfrustrated and concerned about the Obama administration official’s “hostile language.” After two police officers […]

Greta outraged: ‘So SELFISH! You wont believe what US president and first lady did to you!’

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comPresident Obama’s self-indulgent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel” Thursday night was enough to make one’s stomach churn, but that decision turned out to […]

Jen Ptsaki
It’s false! State Dept contradicts Clinton’s claim that emails were ‘automatically saved’

After a week of relentless questioning, State Department speswoman Jen Psaki admitted to reporters that the archive system that saves es automatically was not put in place […]