It’s false! State Dept contradicts Clinton’s claim that emails were ‘automatically saved’

After a week of relentless questioning, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki admitted to reporters that the archive system that saves emails automatically was not put in place until “February of this year.”

In a media briefing on Friday, Psaki was asked questions about the archiving system. Her answers directly contradicted Hillary Clinton’s claim, during Tuesday’s press conference, that all of her emails were being “immediately captured and preserved” to State Department records. 

Psaki went on to say that the archiving system has been in the works for a long time now, and has nothing to do with the recent public scandal. 

“They have long been planning to do this. It’s just something that it took some time to put in place,” she said.

But Psaki opened the door to excuse Clinton of her ignorance, saying that some employees were confused by the cumbersome system.

It was only a small crack, however. She also told reporters, “there were ways to preserve [emails] and employees and individuals were expected to do that prior to this new process.”

A Clinton spokesperson would not comment on the State Department contradicting her.

Note: Video via WFB

Michele Kirk


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