Greta outraged: ‘So SELFISH! You wont believe what US president and first lady did to you!’

President Obama’s self-indulgent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel” Thursday night was enough to make one’s stomach churn, but that decision turned out to be just the appetizer.

Michelle Obama took the same trip to Los Angeles on the same day to party with Ellen DeGeneres and she took a separate plane!

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren went “Off the Record” Friday night saying that she was “outraged” by the selfish act and that the waste of taxpayers’ money should make the Obamas feel ashamed.

Yeah, Fat chance.

“So selfish,” she exclaimed. “You wont believe what the president and first lady Michelle Obama did to you!”

“There are Americans working really hard in this country to pay taxes and this is what the president and first lady do to the American taxpayer?

“Really?,”she asked. “That’s so cold.”

ENOUGH! Tell the president, first lady to STOP cheapening the highest office with this garbage!



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