ENOUGH! Tell the president, first lady to STOP cheapening the highest office with this garbage!

Is anyone else beyond disgusted with the undignified, immature and self-indulgent appearances of our U.S. president and our first lady on entertainment shows?

How utterly disrespectful to the American people to cheapen the highest office in the land with this garbage – not to mention the cost of the ridiculousness.

First lady Michelle Obama taped an appearance for Ellen DeGeneres’s show Friday – to have a “dance off.” Really?

Both of them flew to Los Angeles Thursday to tape separate TV appearances — the president on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and Michelle Obama on “Ellen.”

They took separate flights, costing the taxpayers millions.

Seriously, this is so unfair to the American people. Forget who the current president is, can we try to preserve some of the dignity of the office before it’s too late?

Watch Greta Van Susteren GO OFF on the president and first lady over how much the trip will cost the taxpayers here.

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Michele Kirk


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