Clinton revolving door at State Dept. prompts Megyn Kelly to ‘follow the money’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly wants to know whether Hillary Clinton’s staff raised foreign money for the Clinton Foundation, using her personal email server, while she was secretary of state.

Clinton’s State Department was a revolving door of top aides, some of whom moved between the government and the Clinton Foundation, Kelly said.  The aides maintained accounts on Clinton’s email server, but the American public has yet to learn what those emails said.

“We know that the Clinton Foundation has disclosed most of their donors,” former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker, who now runs the Foundation of Accountability and Civic Trust watchdog organization, told Kelly on her show Friday. “We know that while Secretary Clinton was at the State Department, the foundation raised millions of dollars from foreign sources, including $500,000 from the country of Algeria, that was in contravention of the agreement she had with the State Department not to raise foreign money for the Clinton Foundation.”

The fundraising campaign has continued its success since Clinton stepped down, raising nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, Whitaker said, adding that “a third of the million-dollar donors to the foundation are foreign sources.”

“This raises a lot of concerns if that money or any of it was solicited by her or anyone on her staff while she was secretary of state,” he said.

Unless the aides were using government servers, Kelly pointed out, “then we also don’t have their emails.”

Clinton Foundation staffer Dennis Chang joined the State Department as “one of the protocol people,” before leaving his post and returning to the foundation to head up fundraising efforts, Whitaker said. “Now he’s left the foundation to join this presidential campaign.”

Whitaker said his group has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the emails to determine if Chang solicited any money for the Clinton Foundation while at the State Department.

“Until we see his correspondence while at the State Department, we really won’t know,” he said. “He is going to be a pivotal actor in those transactions.”

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