Video of Boston bomber carjackers’ frantic victim; cowers in gas station, begs clerk to call 911

Dun Meng, a Chinese engineering student at Northeastern University, was carjacked by the Boston Marathon bombers on April 19. Last Thursday at the surviving bomber’s trial, Meng […]

White House photographer captures most accurate photo of Obama to date, and it’s HILARIOUS

A presidential photo opportunity turned into a case of “this is how the rest of the world sees you,” when President Obama was photographed with his most […]

Senators risk arrest for not showing up to work during shutdown, if bill passes

A new bipartisan bill is aiming to keep Senators working during government agency shutdowns. The bill known as the “Shutdown Accountability Resolution” was introduced by Colorado Senators […]

‘Fool of the Week’: MSNBC host suggests we disarm cops, give them nightsticks

On Friday host Eric Bolling declared MSNBC’s Ed Shultz the winner of Fox’s “Fool of the Week” award, not only for saying the police in Ferguson should […]

Check the date: Math nerds celebrate once-in-a-century event with flair

Today has been dubbed “Super Pi Day” for the unusual similarities of the March 14, 2015, date and the pi mathematical equation, 3.1415, the ratio of a […]

Sharon Helman greets President Obama
Judge orders VA to return bonus to director at heart of ‘wait list’ scandal

A federal administrative law judge gave the Department of Veterans Affairs until Tuesday to repay withheld bonuses to the disgraced former Phoenix VA health care director at […]

Four pretend California colleges set up as fronts to let immigrants pay to stay in US illegally

An elaborate“pay-to-stay” student visa fraud ring involving four fake colleges was uncovered this week in Los Angeles. Fox News reported that authorities raided the schools that allegedly […]

Traffic reporter didn’t see most important accident coming – until it was too late

CBS4 News’ traffic reporter Katie So was paying attention to the roadswhen something trippy happened. I think So deserves kudos for how well she played off the […]

Mom who blasted intruder with 2 shots to protect her toddler tells brave story

Paying attention to your police officer husband can pay off big time. For one Virginia mom it saved her life and the life of her two-year-old daughter. […]

Obama Walker
Obama-Walker to speak at ‘press dinner’ but PRESS is barred – reporters miffed!

President Obama and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will take turns at the speaker’s podium Saturday at the exclusive Gridiron Club and Foundation dinner, but don’t expect any […]

‘Blue Lives Matter’ video helps put things in perspective

After two police officers were shot Thursday during protests in Ferguson, Mo., the Independent Journal Review asked the public if ”blue lives matter,” using a hashtag that […]

Police release dramatic body-cam footage of baby’s rescue from icy river

The latest viral footage caught by a police officer’s body camera had nothing to do with police brutality, or public lawlessness. Rather, in a refreshing change of […]