President mocky-pants gets personal; makes fun of GOP with online game

Why lead a nation when you can play games on Twitter instead?

That’s what some people are wondering about President Obama after his Twitter account posted a “fantasy tournament” resembling a line-up of Obama’s favorite sporting event, March Madness.

Only the post wasn’t about basketball.

In an apparent attempt to humiliate those who dare to go against him, Obama’s game is lined with brackets identifying the names of Republicans who he calls “climate deniers.” Participants are to vote for their favorite “denier” who be will crowned “champion” – or something.
















Legions of adorning fans, ok, maybe a couple hundred, got on board to play online footsies with the president and sparked the #ChampionDenier thread which, in turn, attracted a whole different kind of crowd.

That’s a solid observation Ashley.

Yes, and the tweet was posted multiple times, over a course of two days. No excuses.

So true. And his tweet proves it doesn’t it?

Looks like Obama never should have brought up the term “denier” as there’s plenty of that to go around.


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