MSNBC explores ‘Michelle Obama for president’ whisper campaign to challenge Hillary in 2016

Those who have Jan. 20, 2017, marked off on their calendars in anticipation of the end of the “Obama era” may be in for a rude awakening if an Ivy league professor has his way.

MSNBC host Alex Wagner and a panel were Hillary Clinton’s plight in the aftermath of the revelation that she used a private email address and private server as secretary of state.

Panelist Adam Rapoport, editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit magazine, wasn’t very inspired by Clinton’s likely run for the White House, asking “who else do we have?”

“She got schooled by Obama in 2008. Ultimately, she couldn’t close the deal,” Rapoport said. “She’s got the biggest foundation machine and she’s a Clinton, but does she excite the public?”

I don’t think so, personally.”

Columbia University professor Dorian Warren had a ready answer for Rapoport.

“I want to start a whisper campaign on your show right now,” Warren said. “I think we should draft Michelle Obama to run.”

The fact that the first lady has no political experience whatsoever did not seem to concern the Ivy Leaguer.

“Forget running for the Senate like Hillary did,” he added. “Let’s draft the first lady right now. She is equally as talented and smart as her husband. I think she would make a great president.

Nevertheless,  Wagner was thrilled by the suggestion.

“Wow, Dorian Warren drafting Michelle Obama,” she said.

Wagner asked Washington Post political reporter Chris Cillizza about the likelihood of Obama getting involved in politics at some point.

“Getting involved in politics at some point in the future? I don’t think it’s out of the question,” Cillizza said. “Running for president in 2016? Somewhere — is there a number less than zero?”

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