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Hamas sponsors #AskHamas hashtag; Tweeters hilariously hijack it like pros

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A Twitter account purporting to be linked with the terrorist group Hamas decided it would be a good idea to take questions from the world on Twitter as par of a “five day social media campaign” but the move has backfired to hilarious effect.

Using the hashtag #AskHamas the organization said it wanted to “dispel rumors” and invited the world to “Hear from the mouth of the horse.”

“The campaign is aimed at rejecting the labeling of the Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorists’,” Hamas’s media coordinator Taher al-Nounou told the Huffington Post.

He told the Post that the campaign is being targeted at the West with the goal of getting the European union to remove Hamas from its list of terror organizations.

The Twitterverse quickly hijacked the hashtag and used it to smash the group.

Carmine Sabia


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